When working with Jamie Kilgore Photography you can expect to have an all inclusive experience. We are committed to capturing an up close and personal portrayal of a moment in time; creating the heirlooms that will become your family's history.

At Jamie Kilgore Photography we take pride in knowing that the photographic art you place on your walls is the sum of many key elements; the vision of the photographer, what you wear to your session, the environment, the lighting, even the mood and personality of the subjects at the time of the session.  Providing our clients with a custom design experience is a top priority. Therefore, we take the time to get to know you and your needs and then guide you through the process each step of the way.  


Before your photo session we will begin with a consultation at our studio.  This appointment allows us to get to know about you and your family.  We enjoy having the opportunity to learn about your hobbies, interests and family dynamics.  The goal of the consultation is to gain insight and an understanding of your family which enables us to establish an environment where everyone is free to be themselves, and have a good time.  Our style is very relaxed and carefree, and the images we create depict everyone's genuine personality.


When selecting your clothing:  solids, midtones and dark colors work best.  Avoid patterns or logos. For groupings the color tones should be similar.  The idea is to ensure everyone coordinates and no one stands out more than another; for example one person wearing black and one wearing white.

For outdoor sessions, weather appropriate attire is a must. Layering is encouraged during the colder months.  Everyone needs to be comfortable so Jamie can work her magic;  capturing those natural, spontaneous moments for which she is known.

Keep in mind that your shoes may be visible in the photo, so be sure your shoes are in good condition.  Try to stay away from sneakers.  In the warm months we often go barefoot.

Please remove any temporary tattoos and old nail polish.  Please refrain from chewing gum and be sure teeth are freshly brushed. We do have nail polish remover and extra toothbrushes just in case! 


Portrait sessions are playful, expressive and so much fun.  Plan for the session to last 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  Working in a relaxed, non-rushed atmosphere enables Jamie to capture priceless moments. The beautiful serene backdrop allows everyone to feel at ease and enjoy themselves.  

In order to limit distractions both to the subjects and to the photographer, please refrain from all cell phone use (including texting) and bring only the subjects being photographed to the session. These distractions interfere with Jamie's ability to establish a natural rapport with the children.

Cameras of any kind are not permitted at the photo session.  This includes cell phones and ipads.



Bring your calendar, following the session we will schedule an appointment for 2 weeks after the shoot to review your portraits and place your order.  You will go home with a planning guide to give you some ideas which will help you decide how and where to display your wall portraits.

This is a good time to think about which friends and family members may be receiving images as gifts, and which custom books and cards may be of interest.



For Headshots, please come camera ready.  For women, this means have your hair and make-up done.  If you would like to have a professional make-up artist for your session we can make those arrangements.  We will review clothing choices prior to the session.   Minor retouching is included.  On the day of your session you will make your selections and have  your final images within a week.